Stanford Quads Square Dance Class

for Families

Ours is one of the few regularly scheduled classes in this area where parents and children can learn together -- or introduce each other to square dancing. (We've had both kids who already square dance bring their parents, and parents who already square dance bring their kids.) Many other classes are only open to adults, or expect students to come with a partner (which may be inconvenient for a family of 3 or 5). In our class, students typically dance with different partners throughout a session anyway, so there is never a problem fitting in whether students come as singles, couples, or larger groups.

Note: While we have no specific age limit for taking the class, parents will want to take both intellectual development (e.g., ability to count, knowing left from right) and general maturity (e.g., attention span) into account in deciding whether this is an appropriate activity for their own children.