Stanford Quads

Square Dance Club


The following are selected articles originally published in the Stanford Quads newsletter.
About Quads
Club history and organization.

Some Square Dance Jargon
What is the difference between a patter call and a singing call? How is sight calling different from cueing? Does a sex-linked call have anything to do with a one-night stand? Find the answers to all these questions and more here.

Square Dance Etiquette
Squaring up, breaking down, and holding hands.

Swinging Tips
This has little to do with one-night stands. How to swing your partner and stay upright.

Hand Positioning
Palm up, palm down, and everything in between.

Square Dance Attire
Advice on dresses, sewing, petticoats, and tennis shoes ... from the experts.

About Hoedowns
Better than a one-night stand on a Saturday night. Your chance to do it with 12 squares at once.

About Festivals
Regional square dance organizations, RVs, attire, hats (?), cold halls, concrete floors, and other hazards.

About Levels and Lists
Basic, Mainstream, Plus, and the LISST.

Advice for the new graduate
Dance, Dance Dance! Hoedowns, Festivals, and learning even more.

What Makes a Good Dancer
Touch hands, point, work as a team.

Advice for Angels
How to help a new class and still keep your halo on straight.

Club Chatter

News about the club has been published from time to time in the "Club Chatter" section of the regional square dance magazine.